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Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO)

When you give to the St. Luke's Easter Offering, you will be supporting more than 50 different ministries of St. Luke’s - organizations that bless lives beyond the walls of our church. This video highlights Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO) - a nonprofit serving Oklahoma City's at-risk and homeless population. NSO provides housing solutions and teaches skills for those needing help gaining independence (i.e. women escaping domestic violence, homeless young men who have aged out of foster care, etc.) NSO offers a low-cost dental clinic, as well as a nutrition and education clinic for women, infants, and children. Gifts may be made by calling the Finance Office at (405) 232-1371, or online at You can also donate by text. Simply text #Easter to 405-252-9393.

Here is another video about NSO from the Oklahoma Conference archives.

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